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Ag Resource Consulting, Inc. is an independent consulting firm and a soil testing laboratory certified by Minnesota Department of Agriculture. We have been serving farmers across the Midwest since 1984.


Independent Ag Consulting & Soil Testing in Albany, Minnesota

Glen Borgerding founded Ag Resource Consulting Inc. in 1984 with the vision of providing agronomic consulting to livestock and crop farmers to help them achieve increased yields and higher quality livestock forages.

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Although 33 years has passed since the company’s beginning, Ag Resource Consulting has stayed true to its roots. One of the defining aspects of the company is that it does not rely on product sales for income and strictly advises farmers based upon scientific principles as they apply to the farms needs and requirements. As farm economics have changed and profit margins have become narrower over the years, the margin of error has decreased making the services Ag Resource Consulting of greater value to farmers. In an age of abundant and often confusing information, Ag Resource Consulting is a trusted place where unbiased information can be found.

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