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Glen Borgerding is owner of Ag Resource Consulting, Inc., an independent consulting firm and soil testing laboratory based in Albany, MN.  Glen is a Certified Crop Advisor and has been consulting with farmers since 1984.  He specializes in soil fertility, nutrient management and alternative production systems that include diversified crop rotations, cover crops and non-chemical weed control methods.

James Schroepfer is a Field Agronomist for Ag Resource Consulting, Inc. in Albany, MN where he manages field scouting, soil sampling, test-plot management for farmers fine-tuning their manure management and weed management programs.  In the spring of 2012 he graduated from South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD with a B.S. in Agronomy after extensive experience working for a variety of farm operations.

Glen Borgerding founded Ag Resource Consulting Inc. in 1984 with the vision of providing agronomic consulting to livestock and crop farmers to help them achieve increased yields and higher quality livestock forages.  At that time he also set up his own soil testing laboratory to reduce turn-around time and to better understand the science of soil testing. Soon after the lab was established as a MDA certified soil testing laboratory and began offering consulting, soil testing and nutrient management services throughout the area.

Although 33 years has passed since the company’s beginning, Ag Resource Consulting has stayed true to its roots.  One of the defining aspects of the company is that it does not rely on product sales for income and strictly advises farmers based upon scientific principles as they apply to the farms needs and requirements.  As farm economics have changed and profit margins have become narrower over the years, the margin of error has decreased making the services Ag Resource Consulting of greater value to farmers.  In an age of abundant and often confusing information, Ag Resource Consulting is a trusted place where unbiased information can be found.

Ag Resource Consulting offers a variety of services from soil sampling and testing to nutrient management planning. We cater to the particular requirements of each individual farm and tailor our programs to the specific needs and goals of the operation.  Being a TSP for the NRCS, Ag Resource Consulting also handles various CAP and NRCS programs for the Minnesota area.  From conventional to organic, livestock to crop, we take pride in those we have helped in the past and look forward to continuing helping the farmers of the future.

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